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Thread: NH3 leaks

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    NH3 leaks

    DW bought some fish at the local market that had been frozen but thawed due to a failed large commercial freezer (store ad implied that is why it was thawed vs. sold still frozen) .

    Yuk, did that stuff smell like ammonia, told her 'that is why the freezer failed, NH3 leak"

    Did not know it would permeate the fish so badly - any similar stories anyone has seen of refrigeration failures contaminating frozen food and it still be sold? No harm, but sure was unappetizing fish with the NH3 smell.

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    happens all of the time. used to have bulk ice cream warehouse, 3 gallon cartons for dipping. stored four high on pallets, then four pallets high, at minus twenty. at minus five to zero it gets soft, at plus five the weight starts to crush the sides of the cartons. at about plus twenty, the ice cream seperates. ever get ice cream that has a weird consistency with ice on the bottom? it melted, and likely sold as two for one after refreezing

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