I recently had an SLP98V installed along with this thermostat. I chose not to have the WiFi iComfort, figuring a wired thermostat would have the same functionality anyway. I'm happy with the performance of the furnace, except when it begins to reheat in the morning. Most of the time, I really can't tell that it's on, and the temperature is held quite steady. But in the morning, it's clearly at 100% and it feels just the same as the old single stage. A bit quieter, but still the blast of very warm air.

The installer recommended I just set 1 temperature to have 24/7. This really wasn't working--too hot at night, not warm enough in the evening, heating when nobody is home, etc. So I made a schedule, and it works for the most part, except, as I said, in the morning. I have the overnight temperature set at 68, and have wakeup (6:30) set to 72. I would like to drop it further at night (and probably lower the morning temp a bit as well), but wanted to first see how this small delta worked out. I don't consider a 4 degree rise to be very demanding, but apparently it is. Also, the heat is coming on AT 6:30, not reaching the set temperature BY 6:30, which is what I thought was half the point of a programmable thermostat (previously had a pretty basic one with my old furnace, and it behaved just like I am describing; I thought there would be some progress...).

My question is, will this thermostat learn to bring the temperature up slowly and quietly before I wake up? If so, when? or did I make a mistake in not getting the newer iComfort tstat? I read the furnace manual, and apparently it can work with any type of thermostat, but single and 2 stage thermostats limit the functionality and restrict the stages of the furnace (stages? I thought it was variable...). Is that what is going on here? Figured I would ask here before scheduling a service call for something that may (hopefully) work itself out.