All, I am a bit frustrated at my dealer and to some extend at TRANE, i have a simple question, so far no clear answer, if I may, I will ask it here, already did without much success. Here it is:

My system
Trane 16xli 3 Ton heatpump
Trane TAM7 air handler with 20kw coil
Thermostat, Aube TH146-p-u ( capable of handling 2h/2c 3h/2c 4h/2c)

On the air handler w1 and w2 are wired from thermostat, no jumper between w 1 and w2 but when the aux heating is kicking in, I live in MOntreal Canada so yes aux does kick in, only w1 comes on, I know because the thermostat as a LED for each stage. The thermostat is configured as 3h/2c.

MY question: in that mode 3h/2c, should the jumper between w1 and w2 be installed otherwise my thermostat should be set to 4h/2c in order to activate w2 when required?

Thanks a lot