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    DDC control of a Honeywell V4062A-1156 gas valve???

    I have been tasked to do this except the people tasking me thought that it was just a Hi/Low arrangement where this valve wired into a Raypack boiler has a series of relay/resistors to modulate it between low and high fire.

    Several years ago i used a voltage to resistance transducer to control something similar on a roof top unit but i forget the details and most of my office is already on vacation so i have no backup to check old files and such.

    Has anyone ever controlled a gas valve like this and do you recall what you used or could you point me at something? Blind internet searching is not giving up the booty



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    I've never controlled one of these but I was curious. See the last page of the valve product data file. Looks like it could do floating control between low fire and high fire. The W964 shows null point control on ABC.
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    MCP, Try . This company has a wide range of customized controllers. If you dont see it they will make it. You can use ma to 0-10vdc, 0-10 to relay outputs (sequencer). Try them out. Most inportant, find what type of control the device is using now.


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    This valve does floating control with 120V ac pulse open or close after it is powered to low fire on initial power up. i have wired them to power flame burners before but I have never wrote the program myself out of a DDC controller but I would do it like any other floating actuator just make sure it is set for 26 seconds drive-time. Also remember when you drop the valve off it automatically starts at low fire so you may have to trick your program to always start at 0% when first activated (or if you know your low fire setting start at like 10%).


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    Use to use this ( 135 model ) to interface to HW valves

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