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    Auxiliary Heat running too much

    I have an Amana heat pump and air handler with a Honeywell Prestige thermostat which was all newly installed this past July. I have noticed that the Auxiliary heat is probably on about 15 minutes per hour. The house temp is set at 68 and the outdoor temp has been in mid forty to mid 50 range. Even when temp in house is at 68 the auxiliary heat comes on. My last months electric bill was through the roof and I think it is because aux heat was on so much. The company who installed it is coming out tomorrow to look but they were out a month ago and said everything was fine. Clearly something is wrong. Is there a temperature setting that triggers when aux heat comes on that is maybe set too high?

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    You have a couple of isssues that could be possible.
    1. Heat Pump could be to small, although this is fairly rare
    2. Heat Pump not installed properly
    3. Thermostat not setup properly for staging of heat pump and auxillary heat
    4. No outdoor temperature sensor on thermostat to lock out auxillary heat. On all of our systems we lock out auxillary heat strips unless the temperature is below 30 or 35 depending on the situation.
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    Thanks Sky - there is an outside temp that shows on thermostat but I am thinking that when the unit was set up I don't think they locked out until a lower temp was reached (i.e. the 30/35 you mentioned). Does that sound like a possible root cause? They will be out tomorrow and I wanted to have some knowledge on this in case they tell me everything looks good again.

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    I staged my heat strips to use 1/2 in emergency mode.
    you may want to ask about that.
    been watching my utility bill like a hawk..$43 this month
    for 377Kwh

    good advice from sky.

    best of luck.
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    Probably didn't set a lock out temp. but something else is still wrong if it needs to bring on the aux heat when its that warm out just to maintain temp.
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