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    Quick Books Mobile

    Any of you guys using it? I was looking for a way of eliminating paper work and double entry into Quick books.
    So I added the Mobile for another 10 bucks a month.

    My first impression is it still needs some tweaks, like making the Home Screen look better on the I-pad instead of the 2X option.
    Being able to go Landscape if needed.

    What I do like, is being able to pull up a customer page and see all there information in one place.

    I input customer info on the job and it saves them into Customers in Quick books, no more waiting to get home to input them in.

    It shows a map of were the customers home or business is and has a link to start directions to it right from the I-Pad

    I can email out of Quick Books mobile and send an Estimate right then and there.

    You can Create Invoice from the Estimate and also Sales receipts.

    Over all I am happy to integrate Field Paper Work with Quick Books.

    As a small business owner I could not afford the high priced HVAC dedicated systems out there.So for now this is working for me.

    I would like to here your story's or comments.


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    I've been using the smart service program for about a year. All in all it's good. Some things I would like to be able to access, like editing wrong addresses and such. I don't know how much it cost or service fees(just a service guy) but it does make invoicing and billing easier. Works with go payment and quick books.
    Everyone will be using these sooner than later so we figured it would be beneficial to take the plunge. We use flat rate so I just put in a reference code and description after reviewing with customer. I have common repairs as items and just touch screen to add to invoice.

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