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    I got a UEI DL259 multimeter a few weeks ago, and really like it for HVAC work, except for one thing: when I hook it up in series to a flame sensor circuit to get the microamp reading (DC only - on my old Amprobe, you could select both AC and DC), the reading fluctuates up and down and never really stops, kind of the digital equivalent of a needle waving back and forth on an analog meter. I find it hard to figure out what the true reading is when the numbers are spooling up and down.

    I am aware that a flame current is fed into the flame sensor rod as AC, and then is rectified to half-wave pulsating DC after it has gone through the flame and grounded to the burner, but is there a way to stabilze this so that I can have an actual firm reading and not have to guess something in the middle of the range that I'm being shown? My old meter gave a stable reading, so why doesn't this one? I wish there was a way to see a steady reading so that I get a firm number to write down on my work order when I'm doing a flame-signal check on a furnace.

    Other than this one quirk, I'm very satisfied with the UEI in all other regards. Does anybody else have this problem, and what can be done about it?

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    I have the same meter, but have never had that problem.

    I have noticed when checking voltage sometimes, it will do that, it is because my lead is not making very good contact.

    This series meter has been awesome to me. 4 years on my first one, then it was stolen. 2 years on my current one, neither of them have given me any trouble. I can't say the same for the fluke I have.

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    I have the DL289 I have not had that problem it might be time to send yours in for a check up.

    my Dl289 replaced 2 flukes that now sit in the truck this meter is the best for HVACR.

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