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    Variable speed furnace amps?

    Can i bother someone to explain what is the amp rating of my trane xv95 120btu furnace----the plate inside says "15 amps", I am comparing this to an old single speed 80 btu trane xe90 i have---and it says "10 amps". Proportionally that is the same electric motor efficiency. I was lead to believe that the variable speed motor is 70% more efficient--I was expecting the amp rating to be about 5 rather than 15.

    Thanks (I"m having a whole house/part house generator installed and was told to gather this for unit sizing).


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    Your ductwork design will make a big difference in the amp draw of the motor. Smaller ducts cause higher amp draw as it takes energy to overcome resistance. On a 120k unit most homes will have inadequate duct sizing. Your "70%" savings in electrical is based on continuous fan operation as the variable speed motor will run much lower cfm at that speed as compared to a multi speed motor. Without putting an amp probe in your motor we would be guessing. I would play it safe and assume 1800 watts. If you are using a load shed panel for your generator it should not be a major issue.

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