I am in the middle of having a new gas furnace and central A/C installed. Furnace installation finished a week ago and A/C condenser will be done on Thursday. Got a Bryant Evolution 987m furnace. Contractor asked if I wanted IAQ package, which included electronic air cleaning. I said no and he didn't offer alternatives. Furnace was installed and tech who did installation put in 16x25x1 pleated MERV 11 filter (that was what I had used in old furnace and we had some lying around).

I've since learned about media filters. Called contractor to see about installing something like Aprilaire 2210. He came out today and said that tech should have put in 5" boxed filter, which cabinet they did install (Carrier FILCAB) is made for. He said he would bring one over and put it in. He also said that to put in Aprilaire 2210 now would require lots of work (and cost big $$ -- he didn't say how much), since furnace was installed with clearance between return duct and furnace cabinet of 5.75" for FILCAB box and Aprilaire 2210 requires 7".

So my questions are: 1) am I right to be peeved that contractor didn't mention possibility of Aprilaire 2210 (or Carrier EZ Flex) before installation? 2) Is he right that with furnace now installed putting in Aprilaire 2210 at this point is huge deal and would cost big $$? 3) will 5" boxed media filter in FILCAB box be as good as Aprilaire 2210 (I guess meaning will it deliver similar low pressure drop at equivalent MERV)? and 4) speaking of MERV, what is recommended? I think replacement filter boxes come in MERV 8 or 11 or 13.

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.