Books are good to read but will not be helpful to you, unless they are application specific and in this case ONLY discuss Tracer Summit. I suggest when learning this system you stick to the original installation operation manuals, which include the following:

Hardware and software Installation
System Programming
Daily Operations

VAV's are one thing but the building set up is a whole other animal.

The first thing is to identify what you are working with. What version of Tracer Summit you are using. How many BCU's and other hardware there is depending on how large the system is. Identify the comm links such as comm 3, 4, and 5 which will depend on the type of equipment that is connected to each BCU.

You need to identify all AREAS and the list of MEMBERS. Think of this as individual spaces with a combination of mixed zones such as common areas which contain entrance, lobby, hallway and exit corridors as an example. You will have business office space, general office's etc. These Area's can be divided in may ways such as East and West wing and subdivided by tenants, or floor levels in the case of a multi-story building. It is very important not to confuse AREA with individual zone's or sub divided space's as there is nothing similar about them. It is the AREA which will control the VAS- Variable Air System along with it's MEMBERS such as VAV boxes, package units, air handling equipment, etc.

This is important to know because the AREA will be controlled by a time of day schedule that controls start and stop function of all the equipment. These separate AREA's will be controlled independently of all other AREA's for example a different schedule all together and start stop times as well as the capability of adding an EXCLUSION date for holiday's or vacation or what ever you wish.

As you work on the VAV's you should map them out as you go. Listing there exclusive UCM address as they cannot be the same. This will be helpful as you commission the equipment and you will be able to identify each UCM no matter if the description is different.

In set up you can change there description but, if this system has graphics you will not be able to recognize or click on them as the NODE located in the tree will have changed. This is somewhat difficult if you have not done this before and for now DO NOT change there description. If you do it will be necessary to update the graphic such as Static information and OBJECT information.

The truth is that this does not even cover the basics, as there is so much more to cover. I will dig up a past post and resend it to you if you want a better description.

Trouble shooting is not part of the repair......understand the symptoms and you will find a solution.