Hi folks, Helping a friend with a Taylor 632 on the left shake side of machine. Keeps tripping overload because product getting to thick. Tried adjusting viscosity thickness all the way down and it worked fine for two hours and then got thick and tripped. Blades good, liquid product correct and has always been ok in past. With winter upon us in the Northwest, amb temp in room is sometimes as low as 55. Could this be an issue? Also want to double check dip switch settings on controller. Right now 1 - 8 are all ON except #5 (Fan 2) is off. The Mix-dif-shunt is jumped to the 4.5 setting. I think the controller is bad but just wondering if dip swich settings have anything to do with how long compressor and beater motor stay on after a product pull. Saw a simular post in here by Ash and it seams I have the same issue. Any help appreciated. I've worked on many Duke Electrofreezes, but these Taylors seem to be a completely different breed.