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Thread: 22 to 407a

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackertech View Post
    I would put some poe in with the min oil before hand just to get the system cleaned up.
    That's a good idea. Only took a day for the oil sight glasses to look pretty dark.

    And JP you weren't kidding about the leaks. I finished my part of the job last friday as I had to be at another job the following week and that Friday night they got some high temp alarms and they didn't call us till 8am the next day and apparantly down over 200 lbs. apparantly a ball valve was leaking under a case on the existing piping. I don't know the full details as I haven't talked with the techs that were there. Not sure if any other issues have occurred yet either.

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    Demand cooling liquid injection solenoid valves are very susceptible to leaks after converting to R407A - so much so, that we change 'em as a precautionary measure.
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