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    A long time ago I saw a kit for sale that had a variety of brush heads and bent rod handles in a variety of shapes for reaching up into heat exchangers to brush soot and loose rust off. I havn't seen them since then, but I'm looking for something like that now.

    Anyone know of such a product for sale now, or have something you have made, purchased or modified for scrubbing out heat exchangers?
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    I break the handle off of a smaller fitting brush & solder it in a length of left over 3/8 lineset.I works well for the tight stubborn spots the copper bends easy to get where you need it.The larger areas get it with a refrigerator coil brush.
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    Try McMaster-Carr has page after page of all types of brushes. You really don't get the true scope of all the stuff they have until you get your hands on a catalog. Best prices on Ridgid stuff, too. Their HQ is only about 10 minutes away. I probably get stuff from there 2-3 times a week.

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    Check Schaeffer brushes site.

    Also use an old broom saw the brush then take a 2 foot length of window sash or stoker chain and screw the chain to the end. After you take the flue restrictor plates out you can drop the chain down the inside of the chamber. Maybe you'll poke more holes through the hx like I did when I was a younger tech.

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    Our Sid Harvey distributor carrys many different types w/ long bendable handles, from nylon bristles to wire. Bottle brushes come in handy too. Check a home beer/winemaking store.
    I prefer the nylon tapered brush on a twisted wire for heat exchangers. A Sid Harvey item.
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    Google "Boiler brushes" all kinds of sites

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    Even here nobody really stocks crap in brushes except for Sid Harvey.(That I have found in years.) They have a whole aisle in the supply house. Its the only reason I almost ever go there. Right before fall "tune-up" season I always make the boss go stock up. I hate when my personal assortment is better then an entire company. Right now I have about 12 different brushes and if a furnace is really bad I blow it out with air or nitrogen.
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    Cool chimney sweep supply house

    Go to or phone 800-264-7007

    Tell Renee' what you need and she'll be glad to assist you. If they don't have it in stock, they can often have brushes made custom. They are US agents for British made brushes.

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