Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and new to the industry. I hope with this post I'm playing by forum rules but here I go.

I'm a rep at an HVAC dealer in CT, I have a client with an usually high hot water demand, info below
-2500 sq. ft home
-5 full baths
-1 bath w/200 gallon jacuzzi (used once a week)
-2 people there normally, but kids from college there on weekends (can be up to 7 people)
-wife is handicapped, thus reason for large jacuzzi
-2 laundry areas

Currently has-
Slant Fin 100A90 boiler (just for heating)
1- AO Smith BTR197 100 gallon commercial water heater
1- AO Smith TJV120M 119 gallon storage tank (currently off line due to service issue)

He would like to replace boiler with a new condensing unit and correct the water heater issue with possibly indirect tank. Originally I proposed a Utica SSC150 (139Kbtuh boiler) with a Triangle Tube Smart 60 indirect but am having doubts.

Now I'm thinking to oversize boiler Utica SSC200 and the tank to a Smart 120.

I'm having a hard time getting through my head how the boiler translates into usage for domestic hot water and my coworkers and distributor reps seem to be having a hard time with getting me the info.

Again I'm new, only in this industry for 4 months now so I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question.