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    Insulated Blower Compartment and Evap Coil Box?

    This is probably a stupid question, but when changing the furnace filter in my new high efficiency carrier furncance I noticed the inside of the blower compartment was insulated. There was a about a quarter inch of insulation with some back fabric (or perhaps this is insulation too) covering it. also, in the connected evap coil box, there is insulation covered with foil.

    Is there any concerns that this is going to blow insulation fibers through the home? Are all blower compartments and evap coil boxes like this? Again, this is probably a stupid question since this stuff is brand new and from reputable company, I just find it suprising as it seems you would want to keep insulation outside the blower/ductwork, etc. Thanks in advance for help explaining this.

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    the reason the insulation is there is (evaporator coil) to keep the box from sweating. It is there in the blower compartment as a sound dampener. I would not be concerned with it blowing through your ducts as it is very uncommon to break apart on its own. Good luck

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    One of those common misconceptions that we see pop up from time to time.

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    Insulation is a board type like a duct liner used inside plenums.
    All coils are insulated inside but not all blower compartments are. Some value line equipment lacks insulation in blower compartment.
    No worrys but a good question.

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