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    Kitchen exhaust make-up air


    The 2009 IRC requires that any kitchen exhaust fan that is over 400 CFM have a make-up air system that is the same CFM as the kit exhaust fan....and the make up air is wired to come on when the kit exhaust fan comes on.

    I have a customer with a 48" wide GE Monogram gas cook top (6 burners) requiring, per GE, a 1200 CFM kitchen exhuast fan.

    Do any mfg's make such a fan (approx 1200 CFM) that can be wired to bring on a make up air system WHEN the kit exhaust fan is turned on? So far the GE monogram fan cannot be wired such that it will active a make-up air fan when it (the kitchen exhaust fan) is turned on.

    Any feedback on a mfg who makes such a fan would be appreciated.

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    It sounds like you just need and interlock, simply use an auxiliary contact mounted on the exhaust fan contactor.

    You may want to try Greenheck for a pre-wired control panel.

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