Our OLD house was built in the 40's with a gas and wood fireplace that has a key in the floor and a hollow gas tube in the fireplace and nothing else. I have to turn the gas on with the key, then use a long match to light the gas tube where the holes are. It always creates a mini boom and scares me that I'm going to burn my face off.

How to add a device that I press a button and the fire goes on automatically? I still want it to be both a gas and wood burning fireplace.

Do I hire a chimney company? A plumber? An electrician? Or all three? I'm in Los Angeles and have no idea who to even hire. Most chimney companies here only do cleaning, inspection (which we did, it's in good condition), and repair. I even talked to a licensed contractor that we're hiring for a bathroom addition and he said he preferred not to touch the fireplace.

What do I do? Any recommendations of companies?

Thanks, Cathy.