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    This had been discussed a little in a separate post, but I'm looking for recommendations for heating an attached 3-car garage. Garage is about 900 sq. ft with 9 foot ceilings. I live in Wisconsin, so the winters get cold, but I'm only looking to keep things above freezing and warm it up enough (~60 deg) to work comfortably with a light jacket. I wouldn't bother going above 40 on the coldest days. The garage walls, ceiling, and doors are all insulated, and with 2 shared walls with the house, keep the garage above freezing for all but the few coldest days currently.

    I'm leaning toward a natural gas unit heater becuase the ceiling mounting gets it off the floor for space and fume considerations. I also like the idea of sealed combustion, although it may not be required for my needs. Any other options, though, are appreciated.

    Options I have heard of include:

    -ADP Cayenne
    -Modine HotDawg

    Any opinions or experience on the best (or worst) options are appreciated.

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    Go with the Hotdawg. Its low profile and is power vented. You can side discharge it too.
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    I put a Fujitsu ductless in mine.
    Toasty warm in the winter.
    Cool in the summer.
    And no worries about nat. gas in the garage.
    Then again, I am a dealer.

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    I went with heat pump because of old GTO convertible and 2 sweaty English bulldogs,it is ALL beef out in that garage.
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    Hot dawg has my vote.
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    You might have your contractor show you some gas fired infra red heaters if your floor plan & usage is open, rather than wasting energy on heating air, it just heats you & your work area.

    CAUTION - If you use gas, be sure your contractor takes all appropriate code required steps to keep you safe. This includes limiting your use of paints & combustibles.

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    I live in Wi. also, the winters do get cold, but not like they used to!!! I think we do get too cold for a heat pump to work on our very cold days (-10).
    I would go with a ceiling mounted also, sealed combustion (too many flamables in a gagage, my uncle has a new house because of that very reason!!!)nat. gas.

    Check with a local heating conractor (or three) see what others in your area are using sucessfully.

    Good luck.

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    go with the infared, i prefer the brand roberts gordon.

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