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    Quote Originally Posted by SBKold View Post
    Combustion pros on this site found low stage to be less efficient fuel wise.

    It can help even out temps through envelope with increased run times though.

    Vent system may be a factor also.
    I had no idea low stage was less efficient. What about a modulating furnace? Is that more for comfort or efficiency?

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    Im no combustion expert just going by what the ca pros have posted and most find that yes modulating furnace areslightly less efficient but are much more comfortable . The difference is small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plott hound View Post
    so i finally found time to install the new 2 stage york 60k for my sister through the holidays.i set the timer to run at low fire for 15 minutes before it goes to high fire.they absolutely love the new furnace.nice and quiet,plus that longer low fire burn gives a nice even heat.its been fairly cold here and they have only noticed the furnace going to 2nd stage once.thought i would update the thread so it may help others.


    Use a 2 stage thermostat and they'll like it even more. Won't use second stage unless its really needed.
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