I have a quote for a new Trane system in western WA as follows:

Furnace XC95m - modulating 3 ton 97.3% variable speed. TUHMB060ACV3VA

Heat Pump XL20i 4TWZ0036B

Thermostat XL950 - ComfortLink II TZONE950AC52ZA
Additional kit

Evaporator Coil: 4TXCB004CC3H

Air cleaner 17" TFD175ALFR000B

CleanEffects™ Connection Kit for Modulating Furnace - BAYACCECOMM100
The quote seems high, but I also have some questions based on my reading here.

On the furnace, I read that "Comfort R needs to be set up correctly." What does this mean? How is this done? And also, assuming this system works properly, the heat pump should run like 80% of the time? So it seems like this furnace is overkill. I don't want to go to the XC80 as it is much lower efficiency, but there's nothing communicating in between?

On the thermostat, is it possible to program in fuel costs (by therm) so these can be taken into account by the system? Does the XL950 really have Zwave, and is this additional kit needed?

On the evap coil, I read here that it is better to slightly oversize it. But the next size up in this coil is 60k btu. That seems like too much of a jump from 36k. So I went to the next-best coil in 3.5 ton, the 4TXCB042BC3, and 4 ton, the 4TXCB048BC3, but neither shows up in AHRI as an approved system. So it doesn't seem possible to slightly over-size the coil with the newest equipment?

On the air cleaner, is this true electrostatic? The contractor doesn't know and doesn't really want to check. I see it has a prefilter, and then an electronic module, so I suspect it is. So how would this be cleaned? Are they reliable?

My contractor is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's the only choice if I want Trane in this area.