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    Hacks and Craigs list... the solution to slow business...

    Every time a customer says I am too high, I hand them a frig magnet and say to keep it. They look at me wondering what I mean (easy to see in their eyes). I just say, "Ya know... I have been in this business long enough to know what can and cannot be done for how much $$$. When (not if) it breaks, and you cannot find the guy who installed it, give me a call. It will not be cheap, however I will fix it for you."

    You would be surprised the number of times I do get the call... few are more than 2 years out. I may start keeping a log of the folks I say this to... would be interesting to keep a 'repair hack install close ratio'...

    Quality work at a fair price with excellent customer service!

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    Their equation seems to be (mastic tape) > or = (sheet metal+mastic sealant+ductwrap) If the customers never make these guys do the work right or drags them to the license board, they are going to keep doing it and make more profit than the people who do things correctly. In the last few months I have seen 2 newer package units with no flashing at all, tied into the old flex; one on a trailer and another on a house, both of which (its hard to miss a new goodman gaspack with all the decals on them, looks like a nascar) can be easily seen from a highly trafficked road.

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    Package units are too easy to Hack, Jackleg, or DYI. You can buy them anywhere and all you have to do is hook up a few wires. I have seen many package units poorly installed. Couple of my rent properties have package units. There was more air leaking from the ducts than coming out of the registers. Its sad that someone probably got paid to do this...


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    I give this my nomination for "Best Foil Tape Job of the Year".

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    Was thinking Arizona when I saw the pics, but saw Alabama on your location.

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    pro series elite instulation

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