Gents, Working on my first AAON VFD Drive Scroll Compressor, start up.

VFD=Yaskawa Z100 rated at 77amps
Compressor = Bitzer 380 Vac

Problem; The VFD Drive faults in a oL2 (Drive Overload)

During start up the VFD faults in oL2. Hand started VFD at 10hz, Compressor amp draw = 15amps, VFD amp reading = 48amps.
At 20hz VFD = 68 amps, actual amps at compressor = 30.

If I raise the HZ above 20hz the VFD Drive Over Loads.

I've talked with AAON and they think its a bad compressor
I've talked with Yaskawa and they're researching it

VFD Setup verified through AAON

Just FYI I have 2 units that are setup for VFD Compressors both units are doing the exact same thing

Anyone ever run into this? Any Suggestions?