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    Went to Lowes and they did not carry them. Maybe check Sears next. I like the locking ability on the Cobras. I see Milwaukee has there own hand tools now.Went to the Depot and I picked up a spring loaded needle nose/stripper just because I felt the need to buy something and I could not find the Knipex. I also bought a new Kline 11-1 and a nifty Crescent adjustable that has a kind or ratcheting action. Milwaukee also has the pliers but I am not impressed. Irwin/Vise Grip has a similar pair of pliers but they do not lock. Being a tool junkie is kinda expensive. Can't wait to see what I buy myself for xmas.
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    Just picked up the 11 in 1 and the ratcheting adjustable as well. In using the 11 in 1 this week I can already see one slight flaw. The screw driver bits tend to stay in the screw or want to fall out of the tool. Other than that it's been really handy in pulling off unit enclosures with the nut driver then switching to screw driver inside. Just kinda gotta watch your bits as the tool loses starts to lose its purpose once the bits get lost. I also read from someone in another thread that the nut driver part of the tool starts to wear fairly quickly. Looking at picking up some magnetic nut drivers for that anyway. Ratcheting adjustable didn't come into play this week yet.

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    Best 11 in 1 is the Klein with the shrader valve core remover. It will wear out using it as a nut driver quickly as said before. Get one 5/16 and one 1/4 nut drivers instead. I have a little electricians pouch that I can clip to my side when doing service work.
    It has just about every thing needed to diagnose when I first arrive on seen.
    Here is what I have in the pouch:

    5/16 nut runner
    1/4 nut runner
    Cobra pliers 6"
    Ratcheting service tool with extension
    Small flat head for tstat wiring
    Gear wrench with 5/16, 3/8,1/2,and 9/16 ratcheting double ended wrench
    Field Piece foldable thermometer
    Wire strippers
    Small led flash light

    this will take care of 80 percent of what you need small tool wise

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    Took the pliers-wrench back to Napa and traded for the 12" Cobra. Now these are just what I was looking for!

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