Hey guys

Just getting into the industry, been an Aircraft mechanic for the past 7 years and have had some heating and plumbing experience in my life.

Have used alotta pliers, and never found anything better than Knipex. Been using their 'pliers-wrench' (we called them 'german pliers' in the hangar) for ages. They replace and completely outperform any crescent/adjustable wrench ever made. Also use alot of their electrical stuff, wire strippers, crimpers etc.

However, one type that I never bought cuz never had a need for them was the waterpumps/pipe wrench replacement they make called the Cobra's and their relative, the Alligator's.

Now that i find myself using pipe wrenches when doing any heating/furnace jobs, i'd love to limit/eliminate the use of those heavy, bulky, prehistoric dinosaurs and move to a more innovative, easy and comfortable solution.

Been looking at both the cobra and the alligator online, reading some reviews etc. However, I would love to get some opinions from you guys if any of y'all have ever used them and which ones you guys think are better.

much appreciated and thanks in advance