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    Anyhow... I ordered a book and a hearing impaired phone for my dad last sunday...or saturday.... and had it shipped just regular whatever by amazon and they said in the estimated arrival date that it would be here by the 21st.

    I just got curious last night and looked at the package tracking and noticed that it arrived in my town monday night.

    What I find odd is that it has not been delivered yet.... Im fairly certain it will be here tomorrow..... but I just find it strange that it arrived in town on monday night and has not been delivered yet.

    Its almost like they are holding it back in order to deliver by the estimated delivery time instead of delivering it as soon as it hits town.

    Wonder if it has to do with christmas....or if it has to do with the fact that I didnt pay for expedited shipping and therefore they are going to hold it and not deliver it till their time is almost up.

    Stuff came from atlanta...and whenever I order from mcmaster carr......even using the cheapest shipping available... I still have it in two the most....
    If I order this morning from mcmaster it will be here tomorrow.....

    Just something odd....

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    It may have been in your town. What time did it get there?
    Sometimes the shipments miss the out going trucks because they haven't been sorted yet or the incoming trucks came in after the outgoing trucks.

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    It got here a couple of days ago.....

    I could see it not being here in a day.... but to arrive in town on monday and not be delivered till friday says they are holding it up for a reason... Could be xmas.... but I doubt they have that much next day air or second day air this week.....

    Its almost like they are holding simply because it was shipped the cheapest way....but got here quicker than 2nd day air..... know what I mean.

    Its no biggy..... unless I dont get it till after xmas......then they will have pure unadulterated hell to pay.....

    I just find it odd...

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    If they shipped it Fedex Home Delivery you may never see it. Some of their drivers are morons who can't read house numbers and will deliver it to a wrong address. It's happened to us many times. Watch the tracking and if it says "delivered" but it wasn't delivered to YOUR address call Fedex immediately, so they can call the driver and have him pick it back up at the wrong address and re-deliver it to you......"IF" he can get it back. I currently have a Fedex package that was to be delivered today and according to the tracking it never left Indianapolis.....
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    I had a package that was shipped to a friend. I checked the tracking on it and it left the ups facility in ks only to return back there two hrs later with a note on it about the weather. It still hadn't gone back out yet.

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