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For that to be a solution we would have to kill a thousand times more criminals than we do now. That's as likely as God coming down from the heavens to solve this problem for us.

From Corny's post: Killing them is the best option... Probably not the most "christian" answer.... but it is a solution that ends the problem once and for all.

If one would read their Bible... rather than pontificate... one would know this IS both Biblical AND Christian.
OK Corny... you live in a Bible-belt region of a Bible-belt state (I know folks in Knoxville)... do you have an excuse for not knowing what Scripture teaches about criminals and crime and punishment <grin> What the Bible teaches IS what is Christian... regardless of what pastors and the media says.

Well... again; if one read their Bible... one would know that one day Christ WILL come down here and straighten things out. When... nobody knows. Personally... I would accept now.