We have 45 refrigerated truck boxes for sale. Several of our customers have bought these units for outdoor freezers. They were use by Schwann's as ice cream delivery trucks. They have 3hp R-502 and R-404A systems with Dole Plate evaporators. These units require a 30 amp 208/230 volt single phase power supply. When started the units will reach a temperature of aproximately -25f (they can reach -35f with the proper control settings)in 8-10 hours and hold a temperature of 0f or colder for up to 3 days without restarting. For those of you not familiar with Dole Plate refrigeration, the plates are filled with a brine solution and act the same way as ice packs absorbing heat as they melt. They have 8 lockable doors as well as separated compartments. (the separations can be removed) The attraction that our customers have seen is that they can be set outside for extra storage and since they are not attached to the building they do not affect their property taxes. We have 10 foot, 12 foot and 14 foot units. Prices range between $3500.00 and $5500.00 (Can) depending on unit age, condition and size. All units are thoroughly checked and brought down to temperature before shipping. Information on these units can be found at http://www.johnsontruckbodies.com . These units sell for $28000.00 to $32000.00 US new. Most units are 1995-1999 models. For pictures or more information contact me at (NO EMAIL ADDRESSES) or 1-204-325-2487

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