Just had our HVAC contractor replace a 22 yr old Carrier single stage 92 efficiency gas furnace with a Carrier Performance 95 2 Stage ECM gas furnace. Currently using the old t-stat, Honeywell Chronotherm III (single stage). The contractor wired the furnace board to run off of the 1 stage t-stat.

We have a two story colonial with finished basement. Total space with basement 3300 sq feet. Average insulation. Reside in Central Maryland. We leave the t-stat set at a given temp and don't use the programmable features. Use to, but don't anymore.

If I understand correctly, the 2 stage furnace has a low stage and high stage burner...I'm thinking lower BTUs and higher BTUs. The low stage kicks in when the temp difference is nominal and the high stage kicks in when the temp difference is significant.

I'm not pleased with the system calling for heat as it goes to the low stage for heat 99% of the time since we don't do the programmable (i.e., a dramatic change in setting). I've notice the house is cooler....at least it feels that way. Kind of reminds me of the heat pump days in our townhouse. Just never got warm.

So (finally), my question is....can the furnace be wired/programmed to skip the low stage and run on the high stage.....without having to set the t-stat up X degrees to get the high stage to kick in? I would prefer to feel that roasty toasty blast of heat the way our old system ran. I know there are all the trade offs of economy and efficiency. I've read so many HVAC forums on 2 stage gas furnaces and 1 stage vs 2 stage t-stats that I have a headache and my eyes are red. LOL

Point is I've tried to learn and do my homework. I appreciate everyone's input.