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    URGENT!!!! SymmetrE R410 new user

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm commissioning my first symmetre project, my project is a small one 18 Panther XL50 and 2 Tigers and I'm using LIP-3ECTB I already finished CARE commisioning (using C-Bus Tunneling) and synchronizing with the Remote PC, in the Symmetre I have made two point servers (LONWORK & EXCEL 5000). as per the documentation of R310 I need to add Area but in R410 version there is no Area, I need to assign facility but I don't know how to make it. however I have skipped that and launched the Quickbuilder a warning message that "the facility model in the project is different than that in the server, do you want to synchronize the facility model from server [HP-WS]" I chose "yes" then I chose Merge option, then I setup server and network in the Quick builder then I made the QB LONWorks Synchronize wizard with unchecking the "ignore XL5000 elements" all the controllers synchronized and shown in the quick builder then I download to server. after that I made XL5000 discovery wizard the points discovered, when I'm trying to download points to server an error occured. I noticed that for the point properties the full name is in grey background.

    I'm attaching
    1) errorlog for downloading points from quickbuilder to server
    2) point properties
    3) facility page in Symmetre

    anybody can help me please as I have to finish this project within 2 days
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