I've been having OPC problems on our "G3" server which is running Niagara-3.6.31 and it was suggested over on niagara-central that I upgrade to since there have been many fixes. I obtained the new "Vykon_Ax_Supervisor" ZIP file from our distributor, but I'm not sure of the way to properly install it.

We're running VykonEntSecurity-2.2.7 on here in addition to the Niagara-3.6.31 stuff and the "system home" is currently C:\vykon\vykonentsecurity-2.2.7

When I unzip the Vykon_Ax_Supervisor file, there is a setup.exe program in there, and when I ran that, it installed the things, but seemed to blast away the Vykon Security stuff, as the web login screens no longer showed the Vykon Security logo, and the security logins no longer worked. It installed to the C:\Niagara- directory as it was the default option during setup.

We're on a VM, so I reverted to the snapshot I took before the install and tried some other things.

I went to Platform -> Software Manager, and did an Import, pointing to the extracted Vykon_AX_Supervisor- folder.
It chugged along, then showed that the Avail. Version was "Tridium 3.6.47" but a message shown says "Out of Date (Requires Commissioning)". The "Upgrade All Out of Date" button is greyed out, but I can select an individual file and chose Upgrade to 3.6.47, but it doesn't do anything. It just sits there, although the cancel upgrade button is enabled.

Right clicking on Platform shows the Commissioning Wizard, but it is greyed out.

If I go back into the Software Manager, the "Out of Date (Requires Commissioning)" message is gone (I forget the new message), the "Upgrade All Out of Date" button is still greyed out, and selecting individual files to update still doesn't do anything.

Any tips on how to properly upgrade my server to

I restored the snapshot again, and am trying to research the proper upgrade method before retrying, but I can't find much applicable info online.

Thanks in advance!