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    Poll 20 ton condensing units

    OK team I'm in the hunt for up to 16 ea 20 ton dual circuit R22 condensing units.
    Yes I know I have to stay with R-22..
    In your opinnion who is making a unit that gives you the most bang for the buck!!
    I've been looking at the big boys (trane,carries,ect) I'm sure theres some small guys out their making a good units that just dont get the air time they need!
    If you know a brand Please pass it on to me.
    Jack P

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    Aug 2012
    Are you in california sacremento area, just curious.
    In most cases big names are inconsequential, good luck finding 20 r-22 units in those parameters now days.

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    Southeastern Pa
    What type of air handlers would they be serving?

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    Aug 2012
    it's amazing how people post but don't respond to their own questons and awnsers.

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