Currently attending a 12 month HVAC-R program in the evenings at my local trade school/community college. My dad started a HVAC company in January , so I am learning the trade. I have an Associate Degree in General Studies and 90 or so random credits towards my bachelors. Is this any college curriculum that would aid me as a HVAC tech, I have researched this time and again. Unfortunately, skills such as electrical, housing diagrams, etc are not offered in colleges, and therefore makes transferring my credits worthless. I left school because "college is a joke" meaning 90% of college majors are non technical and do not lead to good career jobs in my opinion. I am on the brink of just going to another school that offers HVAC in the mornings and taking HVAC at night at my original tech school. This would be double exposure and help me become a better technician. This would be fine ,but I still feel like I wasted thousands of dollars and my college should fo to something....Having our own LLC things I learned in college such as time management, customer service skills do help me deal with customers and expand our marketing online. I guess I am deciding whether to leave this degree behind entirely for HVAC which is providing me a valuable skill in a expanding field. I feel our business which is just my dad and I could be more profitable in the years to come than this year as we have already expanded with a company website, trucks etc.

I guess I am looking for advice from some experienced techs, some who may own there own business, maybe some who have been a similar dilemma. I know this isn't the right place to post, but this is the most active, and I post on this site alot.