Went to a training seminar put on by Johnstone Supply the other day on 422D and r-407F and other blends by Honeywell. They gave out a free voucher for a free cylinder of your choice. Pretty Cool, they even fed us!

My take is it is a lot more complicated to retrofit R-22 to the new blends. They said there really is no true "drop in" refrigerants made, with out changing over to a different oil and possible changing or adjusting TXV's.

I really don't think the Air Conditioning side will do much with changing over to the 422D refrigerant, as most R-22 equipment such as heat pumps and air conditioners it would be more value for the customer to just upgrade to 410A. I would want to try and sell a new system over doing a retrofit. My personnel opinion.

Were I see the 422D and R-404F being used is in Supermarkets,Warehouses and other large refrigeration systems. Were the capital cost of changing
to updated systems would be not be viable.

I am in the Residential side of the business and here in Florida we can only legally install matched systems so the Dry Ships around here are typically being permitted. So using it for dry ships would not work for me.

Are any of you using it for small systems such as heat pumps or Air Conditioners?