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    Mech/Hvac electrical drafting & project managing

    Hey all,

    I'm hoping to start drafting (hvac control electrical cct design etc) at the company I just started at, and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas to help make my drawings better. (and add some wow factor for the boss )

    I already plan to use the standard where the wire number tells you what page, and line it appears on, and I'm also fond of putting in a semi-transparent image of the controller and overlaying the wiring diagram on that (which helps with less experienced installers), and I'm also thinking about a sticker that gets stuck onto the controller showing some of this info too.

    Are there any ideas you've seen that you've really liked?

    All input would be welcome.

    I use autocad, but I've also used visio, but prefer cad
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    I like your idea of the wire numbering.
    I just spent time setting up a Visio template that uses an externally linked excel sheet/s to paste the points (or type) them in. Then when you update the Visio sheet the points show up color coded to type of I/o. You just hi light a shape and drag the data point up to the sheet and it auto populates the shape with color, numbers of conductors, and I/o type.
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    I found the following two books helpful:
    When I bought the second one it was still in publication and was reasonably priced.

    kontrol out
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