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I am tired of waiting a week to get a part for Trane and Carrier. Twice I have been told that txvs are 2 months out at Carrier. That is absolute bull crap. If you have something under warranty you should have the parts.
Amen, brother !!

My local Heil distributor is also a "stocking Copeland distributor"....I've witnessed multiple occasions, where a "dealer" had a bad compressor in warranty, and they had the compressor in stock...but they wouldn't let the dealer have it, because it wasn't "ICP warranty stock".

Oh sure, they'll SELL it to you, but you still have to wait a week for the warranty compressor to come from ICP...and then you'll have one of your very own in stock....at your shop, on your dime.....unless you want to make your warranty customer wait a week....and you know where that will get YOU