Can anybody give me a reasonably short answer on what is what? I go to one supplier who sells AirEase and says it is exactly the same as Lennox. Its made by Lennox. I go to another who sells GrandAire and claims it is exactly the same as Carrier. Made by Carrier, just a different name. Then I talk to an old Pro who says they are not the same. Are these units made by the same company, but not to the same standards? Are they the exact same piece of equipment but with a different label? And what names go with what, what does Carrier make, or Lennox. Rheem? I say this jokingly, but it seems every supply house I walk in to claims they sell Carrier, but with a different label on the side.

Also do you see any real differences in the Generic brands (GrandAire, AirEase, Payne and Goodman) compared to your Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem and York?