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    my evaporator coil is leaking refrigerant. Dectron DSV-020

    I have a dectron DSV-020 unit and the sight glass is bubbling when the compressor is on.
    I suspect that the evaporator is leaking. (again)
    If I get the service company to supply and replace it, what ballpark should I expect the quote to come in at?
    the evaporator coil is a flat vertical mounted unit 27"x16"x12" deep.
    I'm not looking for anything more than a rough idea. is it $$$ or $$$ or $$$ or what?
    I've seen companies on the internet (XYZ) offering an evaporator coil of this size for around $$$.
    is that a realistic price for a dectron evaporator coil?

    has anyone out there had to do this before? I'm not looking for a commitment, just an idea of what is reasonable.

    thanks for your help.
    Ole Jensen.
    Ottawa Canada.
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