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    Carhartt Made In USA!

    Check out the products that are still made here on our soil. For 4 or 5 years now I could not find their products Made in USA until today. The company I work for bought us these this year. In the pocket was a tag with the name Lynda. I suppose she made the jacket. It was nice to see they are still making stuff here. Not to mention the price is Great.

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    i love carhartt they make some great stuff for work that is all a ware

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    That is a good price!

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    I am looking for something to replace the carhartt coats and jackets I wear now. Honestly I think they are pretty poor quality compared to the heavy canvas jackets I use to be able to get years ago. Wish I remember what brands they were If I would have know how long those things were gonna last I would have bought about 10 of them. They had a ton of them compared to all the other jackets they had being they were canvas and not something general public thought looked that good. Minute I saw it I thought ........ sheet metal won't cut that that easy . I was nice and toasty at -10 in a blowing wind. Not that way with carhartt ........ As far as canvass stopping wind.

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    Thanks for posting this, Pascone. I think Carhartt used to manufacture all of their stuff in the USA, then they slowly started mixing in stuff made in Mexico and other places. They would mix it all together so if you wanted a USA made item, you had to dig through the pile to find one. Then they all but shut down their USA plants. Now, they have decided to pick a hand full of their items and exclusively make them here again. This is good news and I really hope it catches on so they can slowly start bring back more of it.

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