Picked up big hvac account with a cafe. I havent done much refrigeration. Right off A compressor for the walk in cooler is shorted. Minor burn I cant find cause. so I do New comp 3phase 41000 btu, new contactor (old one ok) no acid, still new dryer r11 flush, new r-22. Startup good amps volts SH all in range. Flooded condenser I charge 75 % and clear glass., 55F OAT I block condenser and build to 225psi. Unblocked im running 45 low 175 high (valve has a 180 psi rating.) pump down operating normally box down to 39F set for 35F. I have trouble accepting that the coil is not freezing? I would never leave an A/C unit like this. Suction line iced but coil perfect. It ran for 3 hours nonstop due to warm product but no changes. I am goin back soon what did I miss checking ? Are pressures normal? No problems claimed before the compressor shorted.