Fal-mL43392-bw,M#cn90,S#07-011 Z90Rk,thats all the numbers i could get of the thing,it is running fine at times then quits heating and maybee a couple hours later works fine,is this a high limit bad or is the operating temp controller work as a high limit on this thing someway,i couldnt find a high limit on the oven,i did find a loose wire but not sure if it is fixed or not with the problems they are having,it could've just started back on its own,i was there about a hour and turned it on and checked contactors and had no coil voltage then hooked the loose wire i seen and 5 min later it came right on,I dunno know,i just listed these numbers at the top thinking someone may have run into a similar prob. and direct me in the right way.BTW oven has worked good before today for a week and just messed up on them again today before i went out,seems it just was messing up everynow and then.