Grandair heat pump(nordyne). Three ton split system txv at indoor coil
In heatpump mode as far as I know the discharge pressure and the liquid line pressure should be the same, the only difference is the refrigerant comes back to outdoor unit is condensed but it should still be close to the discharge pressure. After hooking up my gauges i found the discharge pressure (r410a) around 325psi(110F) and liquid line was around 125psi(40F) and my suction (third port straight into compressor) also around 100psi (outside temp was around 50 degrees).
also line set temp at indoor are 140 degrees and and after txv liquid line 89degrees, so is heat getting trapped due to the restriction?
Can somebody tell me if this is right, a bad txv? or is it normal?
Heat pump will run for hours even when it reaches set temp, if it was a bad t stat and heatpump was running continously it would make sense that it will rise the temperature to inconfortable levels but temp remains the same. Is this due to the txv?
When return air was 74 degrees the supply temp was 94degrees, should it be better or normal for heatpumps.

did not run heat strips when i looked at it.
Worked in the hvac for a few years, always intalled and learned a little service on the way, can i get some answers on my questions from the pros?