Charges of racism when used by the left are false 99% of the time. Even if Zim did call the guy a "f'n coon", that doesn't mean Zim is racist. In fact it was later shown that Zim was involved with a black family and black kids in his neighborhood. He was not a racist. But when you have a group of people (blacks) who commit crime at a rate 8 times that of whites, wouldn't you have a bit of an attitude towards blacks too? There are 370 whites in jail/100,000 whites, but there are 3096 blacks in jail/100,000 blacks. The simple comparison is 3096/370. If zim said "f'n coons" it is understandable why he did, and it doesn't mean he is racist. He just meant that most all the break-ins in his hood had probably been done by blacks and he had a bit of an attitude towards blacks. Why doesn't anybody in the white liberal media or black pastors or Rev. JJ/Big Al ever call blacks on their out-of-control crime rate? Why?

I think it's easy to see what happened here. It's not a mystery. Treyvon Martin, a wanna-be thug, went to the store to score some skittles and some pot. As he walks back to the hood he is smoked up and acting a little strange. That's what Zim told the dispatcher. Zim pulls up and questions him and Martin takes offense to it immediately. Martin just doesn't act on it at that point. Martin is just about to his house, and he turns around and sees Zim still watching him. Zim retreats back to his car. Martin checks out Zim one more time and doesn't see him, but Martin is fuming mad at Zim for watching him. In Martin's mind Zim is just another white racist that doesn't like blacks. And you can bet that Martin was up to his eyeballs in victim mentality. Martin makes his way towards Zim. The first punch may very well have been a sucker punch, but Zim isn't injured so bad that he can't fight back. There was an eyewitness that said, "These 2 guys are on the ground wrestling in my back yard". But maybe he can't fight back as well after being injured. Zim, fearing that he will be punched to death or seriously injured, draws his weapon and shoots Martin.

For all you libertarians out there, this is why smoking pot is dangerous. It causes you to lose a certain degree of objectivity about the situation you are in. Martin failed to calculate that Zimmerman might have a gun. Of course you could argue that even if Martin wasn't stoned, he still may have failed to consider the possibility that Zimmerman had a gun. Or, maybe Martin was so enraged that he didn't care that Zim might have a gun, and Martin figured he could easily overpower him. Prior to this point, all of Martin's thuggery, getting in trouble at school and doing petty theft was probably met without any resistance.

Also, since Martin was returning to the house with pot smoke smell on him, you have to wonder if he, his ole man, and his ole man's girlfriend were all getting high at the same time? But this is just speculation on my part.