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No I am not. I am going off what we know already like:
The cops told Zimmerman not to approach Martin. He did it anyway.
not according to the 911 tape, Z was returning to his car after he lost sight of Martin

Martin was out of Zimmerman’s sight so he pursued him on foot.
again, not according to the 911 tape.

Martin was not committing a crime at the time of the altercation.
on this we agree
Zimmerman is a liar.
He is also a wanna-be cop.
On this we agree

The jury will hear a lot of Zimmerman’s history and how he MAY HAVE created that altercation which resulted in him having to kill someone. A justified shooting, which it might be, does not get him off the hook.
THIS is what everyone is waiting for. Guessing and supposition won't accomplish anything. Wait for the trial and we will get all the information we could want

I’ll ask you this. Do you think a small female cop would approach a black guy in a hook in a dark area alone in the middle of the night when all she has is her gun to subdue the guy? I say no. She would wait for backup. Common sense and rational thinking is what Zimmerman seems to lack…along with enlarged testicles.
I say you don't know any female cops