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exactly, I have no problem with running away. people get behind their computer and say they will "kill anyone that messes with me" ya right, wait for that adrenalin dump, then tell me what you would do. Ask the NYPD cops that shot at a nutcase in front of the Empire State building......they hit NINE (9) innocent by standers??? Missed the bad guy by a mile. Holy crap? how much time do these guys spend at the range??
I know plenty of men that served in wars that have killed people. I do not ask them about it, nor do they discuss it.

I also know past and present law enforcement people, some have had to shoot people. (note they volunteered the info, I did not ask) Even those with training shake due to the adrenaline rush when drawing down on someone. I expect I would be even worse then them, making it hard to stay on target, to say nothing of the guilt I would feel for taking someones life.....justified or not.

One guy I know went into great detail about what it was like, the smell of the spilled blood and all. Not something I would look forward too and would do what I could to avoid it....including looking like and being called a coward. But, that does not mean I would not fire if circumstances were forced upon me.