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    No other words to describe these people.
    Beware of advice given by some guy on the Internet.

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    I wish I had the money to be able to take off and go to places where these folks protest...... Id bring my slingshot with

    Id recite bible verses as I was popping those folks in the face and back of the head with pieces of gravel and marbles....and of course 36 cal lead round favorite slingshot ammo. Any underage kids Id limit to body shots only.

    Those westboro folks have the devil in them..... and its sad that they cant see it.

    I wonder what kind of excuses they come up with when one of their church members die......

    Old granny smith got called up to heaven.....

    Little timmy.....the lord must have a special job in heaven for him to take him so early......

    I would say that people need to go to the funerals of westboro members and disrupt their services....but that would put us on the same level as them.

    Those folks will have to answer to the lord one day......and I dont think the outcome is going to be what they expect.
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

    WE THE PEOPLE refers to THEM and not YOU.

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