I'm new on this forum, i think i posted in the right aree, please help me.
I bought Panasonic AC, CS-YE12MKX and CU-YE12MKX, in specially for heating functions.It's working fine on exterior temperatures that are not below +4 degrees Celsius.When is lower than this AC efficiency decreases, beacause is stopping for defrost or reverse cycle.At +1 C exterior temperature, interior temperature setted on +24 C, is capabile only of max +22,5 C, because of exterior defrost.From Panasonic producer, it should work fine with maximum efficiency untill is -5 degrees C in exterior.I thought it will be capabile at least for creating +24 C degrees inside.Now my question is that if somehow i will mount on the back of exterior condenser at 5 cm distance a heating source as heating resistance, for example a 400 w one, it will stop condenser to freeze and on the back of condenser temperature will be a little higher, will stop freazing, pulling hot air from there.I also wonder, what an AC sistem working at -15 degrees exterior temperature(description from producer), on heating inside, has in addition in comparation with my sistem that should work fine until threshold -5 C degrees ext. ? Sorry i my question/my doubt is silly.

I turned to this foreign forum because in my country/region we don't have many specialists, and i think is a highly developed forum.Please help me.