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    This is what I made and use. Notice the little pale it's sitting on. A bag of ice is all you need to pull a couple hundred pounds. You can also set the tank on a scale this way and track your progress. I have used mop buckets to set a tank in with some ice in the past. This is cheep, easy and far more convienient. If you look at my avatar you'll see it in action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnsrose View Post
    Would like to see some pics of someones setup if possible. Sounds interesting. Don't understand why cps made a recovery machine that needs a separate condenser cooler to keep her from overheating. Co-worker used it and said it kept shutting off because it got to hot recovering appox 200 lbs of r-22. If I have to carry extra equipment I will just stick to my Appion.
    I use it with my Appion G5 twin... mostly when outdoor temps are 90+ and mostly with 410.

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