In a couple of months I will be finishing the achr program at my school. Originally I planned to be a bottom of the barrel helper as some do in the beginning, but have done very well in school since starting. Since then, I received perfect attendence, best-in-class, and nearly perfect scores which made all of my teachers reccommend me to a major commercial/industrial company in my area. My question is, i'm worried about getting talked up so much that they will expect me to know things about equipment that I wasn't exposed to and ultimately will look bad, or worse, let my instructors down with their reputation. So, is this something I should go for or stick with my original plan and work my way up. I understand these few companies are a very lucky start and what I want, I just dont want to let anyone down.
P.S. systems I would be working with are 717 and or enviro rooms which most likely require extra training for any student or residential tech making the transition.

Thanks for reading.