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    Thermal Insulation Help on a DIY Project

    DIY Project

    I am looking at thermal insulators to reduce the heat of an electric fin element from 500 degrees Fahrenheit down to about 140 degrees which is similar to the heat of a cup of coffee. Because this application requires the insulator to be non toxic I have tried using ceramic as an insulator and it ended up absorbing the heat and eventually reached an untouchable temperature. I have about 1/2 inch of workable space for an insulator...

    Any Ideas....

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    Is this resistance heat ?

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    What about changing your voltage ?

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    How about cork?
    Cork sandwiched in foil would probably work better.
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    i hear asbestos is a good insulator:-) what about removing the heat with a vent and a fan? or watercooling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTP99 View Post
    What about changing your voltage ?
    I agree. Electric strip heat requires no BEMF and can run on any voltage. It would be far easier than making an insulating jacket.

    Besides, any insulator will simply slow down the transfer of heat, that means 2 things will happen. 1 eventually the heat will be transferred to your cooling medium, insulation just dictates how fast. And 2, you decrease the quantity if heat going into the medium, but not the quantity of heat generated, eventually the element will burn up.

    I don't know your application, but it sounds as if you need less BTUH, not more insulation

    A simple rheostat may do the trick. Or if you have more than 1 of these contraptions you can try hooking them up in series. Once you find the right working voltage, you can buy high amperage fixed resistors with nice big cooling fins to dissipate the extra power. (I have 8 on my home theatre system right now)

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    What about phenolic?

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