I live in an apartment complex in Plant City, FL and the Air Handler was recently replaced.
After I got home, I inspected the work, as I often feel like I have to do.

First think I noticed was that the smaller tubing now prevents the filter being changed, not the biggest deal, but it made me look closer.
After further inspection I noticed that the larger tubing for the Freon, on the new Air Handler, was bent to make it fit with the old copper pipe and then filled with a bunch of solder.

My questions are:
1) Is this common practice?
2) Is this safe?
3) Is there any Florida Building Codes that this violates? (If this is not safe, I need something to show the office or they will never fix it.)

Below I have linked some photos from my Dropbox. If there are any problems viewing them let me know.

I have worked with soldering copper pipe for plumbing so this concerned me. I'm not trying to bring up a beef with my apartment complex, but I am concerned about my families safety.

I appreciate the help and advice.